Redrock Micro Wireless Follow Focus Rental Adelaide

$100.00 inc. GST

Two Day rate: $150 inc. GST
Weekly rate: $200 inc. GST

The Redrock Micro Wireless Follow Focus Bundle Hire Adelaide is the perfect solution for controlling focus wirelessly with a second operator. The motor attaches to your rig and drives the focus of your cine lens or, with the supplied gear rings, it can be adapted easily to photographic lenses. The handheld remote allows a second operator to remotely pull focus.

You can map any lens to the full 270 degree rotation allowing for precise focus control. This equipment is very easy to use and affordable to hire, while allowing you to save time and nail focus every time on your shoot, which is all part of the attraction of our Redrock Micro and our other imaging remote control equipment.

Redrock Micro Wireless Focus Bundle includes;

1x Wireless Focus Puller
1x Redrock Motor
Power and cables as required.

Control station

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