Redrock Field Runner Rental Adelaide

$20.00 inc. GST

Two Day rate: $30 inc. GST
Weekly rate: $40 inc. GST

Directors Cage hire Adelaide is the kit you need for your Director and/or focus puller. Simply mount a monitor, Redrock remote follow focus and a wireless image Transceiver to build up this versatile and time saving kit for any production. Take a look at the image and the use of this will become fairly obvious what we’re banging on about.

Redrock Field Runner kit includes;

  • Grip rod
  • Grip Handle
  • 2x Micro Mounts
  • 3x Micro Spuds (Mounting points)
  • 3x Micro Ties

When you hire our IDX wireless transmitter this directors cage comes included.



Redrock Field Runner kit Price Adelaide:

1 Day Hire ($20.00 Incl. GST)

2 Day Hire ($30.00 Incl. GST)

7 Day hire ($40.00 Incl. GST)

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