Kino Flo 1 Bank 4ft Fluorescent Light Rental Adelaide

$50.00 inc. GST

Two Day rate: $75 inc. GST
Weekly rate: $100 inc. GST

Kino Flo 1 Bank 4ft Hire Adelaide is one of the most versatile lights on the market and would make a great addition to any DP or cinematographers lighting kit. The Kino Flo 1 Bank 4ft Rental is a compact and controlled fluorescent light that can be used to light up and fit into those tight spots (for example an elevator) that may be difficult to shoot on location or in studio.

The Kino 1 Bank 4ft Hire is a portable lightweight unit that provides a broad soft and diffused light. This fluorescent light available for rental/hire can be used in a range of different settings, whether your shooting for television, film or photography this Kino 1 Bank 4ft can be perfect for both soft key and fill lighting in tight locations on any photographic and/or video set.

The Kino Flo 1 bank uses a Tungsten, Daylight or Green Globes (perfect for Green screen) to accommodate the diverse settings and because of its narrow profile and size, the 1 Bank could approximate the quality of light from bounced sources without losing set space.

The True match lamps set the standard for high output, flicker free, colour stable fluorescent fixtures make this Kino Flo a fantastic asset to any lighting set up.

Kino Flo Diva-lite 1 Bank 4ft Kit Features;

– Lightweight, modular design perfect for travel

– High-output electronic ballast capable of operating the fixture up to 25 feet away with the included cable, or up to 75 feet away with an optional extension.

– Option of using Tungsten or Daylight tubes or Green Tubes

– Creates a soft and diffused light

– Perfect for a variety of video and photographic settings

– Built in barn doors

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