Freefly Movi M15 Camera Stabilizer Rental Adelaide

$200.00 inc. GST

Two Day rate: $300 inc. GST
Weekly rate: $400 inc. GST

Freefly Movi M15 Camera Stabilizer hire Adelaide, utilizes a state-of-the-art camera stabilization system with three motors and an inertial measurement unit that counteracts unwanted movement with your pans, tilts, and rolls…..just like it’s smaller siblings the M10 and M5. Whether its handshake or vehicle induced vibration, this stabilization system will help keep your footage smooth and steady.

The Movi M15 is capable of handling cameras up to 6.8kg, making it the ideal camera stabilization system for the Red Epic Dragon & Sony FS7 etc. Then couple this with the increased control of all your cameras operations via the Freefly Movi Control kit, you’ll have yourself an unrivaled professional grade shooting setup that will not only look the part but also improve your shots and time in which you take to capture your envisioned footage.

With all Movi hires we invest as much time with you as you want to get you up to speed with using the Movi system. Having said that the Movi system is incredibly easy to use and we find this process generally takes less than an hour and then you’re off and running!

Running a Jib or Crane? The Movi System can adapt to your needs there as well, just ask us how.

MōVI M15 Hire Adelaide Package Includes:

Movi M15

Toad in the hole adapter (already installed – allows mounting of the Movi to Jibs or other devices)

2 Movi Batteries

1 Movi Ninja Plate

1 Movi Battery Charger

1 Movi Stand

3 Movi Tools

1 Pelican Case (allows balanced Movi with camera on it to be stored)

2 Lightweight HDMI or SDI Cables


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